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Tips for Updating Your Home’s Appearance For 2023

Brick Makeover

Imagine yourself sitting down after totally remodelling your home’s interior. You start pondering to yourself about how you’ve been focusing so much on the inside of your house for so long that the exterior has gotten absolutely no attention.

As you sit there, you’re thinking of ways to make your home appear more welcoming to guests, neighbours, and yourself. There’s no need to look any further because we have some excellent advice from some of the best and most knowledgeable professionals in the brick home renovation industry. Below are some of our best tips for updating your home’s appearance!

Our greatest recommendation is to make use of what you already have. Examine your brick carefully, consider how it might be improved, and make a checklist.

Could the bricks benefit from a thorough cleaning? Do the brick and mortar need to be tinted to match the other bricks in some areas? You can start by taking notice of all of these suggestions to enhance the overall appearance of the exterior of your home.

High-Pressure Jet Washing

If your bricks have been neglected for a while and require a thorough cleaning, high-pressure jet washing is a terrific option. This can make your home outside appears much cleaner and more polished, giving it a spotless appearance overall.

For cleaning difficult surfaces, Brick Makeover has the greatest high-pressure jet washers available. Their equipment is more than capable of revitalising your property if it has a buildup of dirt, moss, fungi, or anything else.

Their high-pressure jet washing service is strong enough to remove built-up debris and obstinate stains without the use of harsh chemicals while being gentle enough to clean without causing damage.

Brick Makeover

New-Build Cleaning

Due to the disorganised manner in which many contractors and builders depart the construction sites, new homes are frequently exceedingly dusty, regardless of whether they intend to!

Construction can leave behind a variety of dust and debris that can cover brickwork, roofs, windows, and other surfaces in a thin but obtrusive film of dirt.

If newly constructed homes are not thoroughly cleaned once they are finished, the property’s value may decline and there may be structural problems as a result of the dirt penetrating the new structure. But, Brick Makeover can help you get the ideal updated house look that you want in 2023.

Stone and Block Tinting

Stone and block tinting is the technique of changing the colour of stones and blocks using a specialised tinting solution.

A team of skilled tinting specialists from Brick Makeover will assist in giving your house a lovely external makeover!

Their professionals will prepare a custom colour match tinting solution to help blend new additions, restore the existing property, or give it an entirely new look.

Brick Makeover
Brick Makeover

Mortar Tinting

An exceedingly undervalued building beautification service that can actually increase the value of your home is mortar tinting.

Since so few people are aware that it even exists, mortar tinting has never really been discussed. However it can help give your house a neat, finished appearance.

Brick Makeover may employ their specialised tinting combination to give your property a new look. This can be red, orange, yellow, or even black!

Brick Tinting

Brick Makeover not only has the ability to brighten but also to darken, brick colours! They always wait for the brick stain to be totally dry to guarantee the colour is an exact match because the colour can appear differently when it is wet compared to when it is dry.

House brick tinting is a fantastic service if you want to entirely change the exterior colour of your bricks. It can also be used to re-match any mismatched brick colours.

By tinting your bricks, you may give them a revitalised, brand-new appearance!

We hope that these tips for updating your home’s appearance are useful.

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