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Beautiful Home Returned to its Original Glory!

Pebbledash Removed

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In this Renovation Case Study, we meet Ciara (@myse4project) who has dramatically renovated their home in Brockley, including a full pebbledash removal bringing the home back to its former glory!

In this article, we’ll talk to them more in depth about what the entire project entailed, the pebbledash removal process (plus the cost!), and their planning issues.


Front of the House showing the Pebbledash

Pebbledash Removed

Front of the House showing the Pebbledash removed!

Can you tell us about your home and your renovation project?

We bought the house in April 2021 and then moved in at the end of June 2021.

In general the house was liveable when we moved in. We bought it for the great kitchen extension built by the previous owners that runs directly out into a garden for the kids. However besides that there was a lot wrong. We had no toilet in our main bathroom, there was only one shower/bath for a four bedroom house over three floors, there was single glazed rotting windows throughout, cracked fireplaces and wooden floors with nails coming up. A lot of the electrics were also in need of updating with exposed sockets and ceiling fixtures in nearly every room. We also had very little storage as every bedroom had one shallow wardrobe that wouldn’t even hold hanging clothes. We also had to do all our washing in a very dark and damp cellar neither of us could stand up in. To top it all off the entire front and side of the house was entirely covered in pebble dash which I absolutely hated…

BUT, I love a project and could see past it. I knew we could make it beautiful and create a long term home for our family.
With all of those aspects in mind we decided to do a big rejig of the top two floor layouts to make them work better for us as a family. That included putting in a laundry room on the first floor. Redoing the main bathroom to include a loo, bath, and shower. Building wardrobes into every bedroom. Making our main bedroom bigger so we could include a type of walk in wardrobe as well as en-suite. More light into the first and second floor landings by adding windows Adding a shower room with loo to the second floor so guests had their own space, or the boys as they get older.

We also added more storage to the kitchen extension so part of it could be a TV area for the kids. Along with an entire redecoration of every single room.

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Living Room Before

Living Room – Before

Living Room After

Living Room – After!

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Close up of that Front Window!

Blinds from Hilarys Blinds

What was the most challenging thing about the renovation?

The windows.

We had an awful experience with the company who fitted them. Which has only been sorted in the last few months. It started with them damaging some of the repaired brick work when installing the front ones to them then causing damage to the back of the house taking out the old ones. Thankfully the quality of the product was great as they didn’t make them but everything else was a mess and stressful to get sorted and finished. However it’s now done.

Did you have any issues with planning?

Yes we had wanted to put a window into the ceiling of the shower room on the second floor but because it would face the front and we are in a conservation area it wasn’t allowed in order to make us still look the same as the other houses of similar style next to us.

We’ve shown images of the shower room below. Despite being a tight space, their Architect managed to fit everything in with some clever planning. The room is 1.5m x 1.7m, meaning a pocket door is essential to make use of every inch of space.

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What was your budget and did you stick with it?

Our original budget was £150k as that is what the Architects had estimated but we did go over this due to finishes, fixtures and doing extra elements we decided on in the process. How much more we can’t bring ourselves to say out loud yet! However it was all worth it and when you’re in it you just need to power through.

Bathroom Before

Main Bathroom – Before

Bathroom After

Main Bathroom – After

How was the pebbledash removal process?

The pebble dash removal process was one of the most enjoyable parts of the renovation for us. Mainly because the guy who did all the work (and his team) Leon is the nicest guy ever and a perfectionist.

It unfortunately did not come off easily and it turned out there was three layers of render on the side of the house. We did also have a lot of damaged and missing bricks so Leon had to repair and rebuild lots of sections. This meant that what we thought would take 6 weeks actually took just over 12 weeks. The total cost for this was £27k and again I think it was worth every penny.

It makes the house look amazing and the amount of neighbours who stop us to say they’re so glad we did it is amazing so I think it has one hundred percent added value to the house.


Front of the House showing the Pebbledash

Pebbledash Removed

Front of the House showing the Pebbledash removed.

What’s your favourite thing about your home?

I love different things for different reasons. Our love our laundry room on the first floor because it makes life so much easier And I love the new tv area in the kitchen because it makes life so easy with the kids and is great when we entertain too.

What advice would you give to anyone starting their own renovation?

Have a contingency for the contingency. No job we have ever done has come in on budget. Also keep the faith when it all feels too much as it will be worth it when it’s done.

Kitchen Photoshoot - Snook Photography

Final Photoshoot by Chris Snook Photography

Kitchen Photoshoot - Snook Photography

Final Photoshoot by Chris Snook Photography

Upcoming Plans

This year we still need to make the house more a home but our biggest plan is to try start building this garden room by the end of the year. Planning is approved we just need to tie down costs now. The plan is for it to have a gym/office area, then separate bar, kitchen/BBQ area, sauna with outside shower and patio with pergola.


We at HomeInspire can’t wait to see it! Below are some CGI’s produced by their Architect.

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