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Loft Conversion & Full Refurb to a Victorian Home

Victorian Home Renovation - Front Elevation

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In this Renovation Case Study, we explore this Victorian home, which originally was a 3 bedroom, Semi Detached property in Kent, brought to us by @renovateno15, who have completely transformed this property into a modern, luxury family home!

Not only did they renovate their home, but they also converted the loft, adding an extra bedroom and bathroom, whilst also introducing ‘Green Energy’ into their home. A Kitchen extension will also be constructed next year and part of the next phase. 

In this article, they share some important and realistic costs into this build, hugely helpful for anyone wanting to start their own renovation. 

The entire project was also taken out by Kovacs Construction, who have been on our site for a few years now! You can check out their listing here, where we talk more about them and also offer some money back should you use them for your project!

Victorian Home Renovation - Front Elevation

Front of the House before work started in August 2020

Can you tell us about your Victorian home and your renovation project?

When we purchased the property in August 2020, it was a 3 bedroom, semi detached Victorian Home. The project proposal was a Loft Conversion, a first floor full refurbishment, a new porch, and the introduction of Green Energy which would involve flush Marley solar panels. This would add an extra bedroom and bathroom in the loft making it a 4 bed.

We will also be constructing a Kitchen extension, which will be done next year. 

(Existing and Proposed Plans can be seen at the end of this article!)

The house now has 2 double bedrooms and 1 single on the first floor along with the main bathroom, with another double bedroom with custom made joinery and another bathroom in the loft. Bathrooms have underfloor heating with a luxury touch, bathtub, led lighting, heated mirrors and niches for storage. Luxury walnut internal doors were also fitted to give a luxury look with black coloured woodwork around.

Victorian Home Renovation - Rear Elevation

Rear of the House – Before

Victorian Home Renovation - Rear Elevation

Rear of the House – After

What was the most challenging thing about the renovation?

Supplier damages and resolving these issues.

What was your budget and did you stick with it?

Our initial budget was £50k, however we then decided to refurbish the First Floor due to lowering the steels to achieve head height in the loft. This added an extra £15k. We then also renovated the first floor bathroom and the 3 other rooms which came to £35k.

We also decided to replace the internal doors with a more luxurious, higher quality door which cost an extra £4k, as well as Internal Designs which were another £5k – £6k.

The supply and installation of the Solar Panels came to £16k, the full replacement of all glazing was £7k and the new porch was £10k. 

In total the project was around the £140k mark.

Victorian Home Renovation - Loft Conversion Bathroom
Victorian Home Renovation - Loft Conversion Bathroom

New Bathroom in the Loft Conversion

What’s your favourite thing about your home?

Our favourite thing was to see all this built up within the 12 weeks which was on program, and then only another 3 weeks for finishes

Victorian Home Renovation - Loft Conversion Bedroom
Victorian Home Renovation - Loft Conversion Bedroom

New Bedroom in the Loft Conversion

See below for the before and after floor plans of this project!

Victorian Home Renovation - Loft Conversion Plans - Existing

Existing Floor Plans

Victorian Home Renovation - Loft Conversion Plans - Proposed

Proposed Floor Plans

Contractor was Kovacs Construction.

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