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We specialise in measured building surveys and topo surveys. We use equipment accurate to +/- 2mm to capture a building or a site’s existing topological features and measurements.  The typical booking time of your measured survey is within one or two days following your instruction.  Importantly, your output drawings are delivered to you or your architect as fast as five working days from the day of your survey.  For this, we use the latest 3D laser scanning technology, coupled with experienced measured survey professionals.

Measured Building Surveys & Topographical Surveys

For some measured building surveys or topographical surveys, we carry out optional REVIT Models. This provides a 3D drawing and models to really bring your project to life. This 3D Scan-to-BIM service is ideal for architects, structural engineers, designers and contractors. This is because it integrates architectural software using Point Cloud technology.

A topographical land survey (or 'topo survey') helps determine the details and exact location of boundaries, natural and manmade features and contours within a plot of land.  This topographical land survey is often carried out as a basis to draw up architects’ plans for a project. It can also keep as a record showing the precise land features on a particular date, which can be useful in clarifying changes over time or after events.

Drone Surveys

Using the latest industrial drone technology and software, we also offer drone roof surveys and Matterport tours to help market a property with 360 house tours, providing an immersive experience to interested parties on screen or over the internet.

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