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Who are Udex Architecture?

Udex Architecture was established by Saam Kaviani in 2019 in London. It started its activities in the field of Architecture and Interior Design with a desire to deliver remarkable projects for ambitious, high-achieving and purpose-driven homeowners and property entrepreneurs.

About us

At Udex, we work on a range of different projects throughout the UK, across all RIBA stages. This starts from initial feasibility assessments and planning applications, through to the technical design and construction monitoring. Saam and his team are able to identify the unique qualities of any project. As well as this they can assess the bigger picture while paying attention to fine detail. “Sustainable” and “Design” should be one word.


Udex always designs in the ways of natural “sustainability”. We never gave that up, only to rediscover it as a recent popular fad. We do, however, embrace new technology and new materials any time that it can enhance the core design principles and make our projects even better.

One example is Artificial Intelligence, which has reached Architecture to a new era; at Udex, designs evolve through our unique algorithmic process; resulting in generating solutions that are adaptable to their environment and needs.

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