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About Our Company

Transform your lawn with The Lawn Pack - Achieve Lush, Green grass with Ease

Who are we?

We are The Lawn Pack, founded in 2021 after years of owning a successful lawn care company.

Our idea was to offer the same professional lawn care products that we used daily to our customers - essentially allowing you to become your own GreenThumb!

We have now helped thousands of customers transform their lawns, with over 500 reviews averaging at 4.9/5.

Lawn renovation has never been easier with our transformation and maintenance packs!

The simplest way to get professional results yourself in just 4 weeks!

Discover the secret to a vibrant and healthy lawn with The Lawn Pack. Our comprehensive lawn care system is designed to make lawn transformation effortless. From removing moss to improving overall grass health, The Lawn Pack has everything you need for a picture-perfect lawn.

Everything is easy to use and measured out specifically for your lawn, so your lawn gets exactly what it needs to thrive.

Why is The Lawn Pack the best treatment for your lawn?

  1. Easy Application - Our step-by-step guide and video tutorials make applying The Lawn Pack a breeze, even for beginners
  2. Time-Saving Solution - Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple lawn care products. The Lawn Pack simplifies your lawn care routine, saving you time and effort.
  3. Lawn expert advice - contact us via email or our social media channels
  4. Transformed thousands of lawns with 4.97/5* reviews
  5. Professional quality lawn care products designed by ex-lawn care providers - get the best for your lawn
  6. We guarantee results with 8-weeks money back guarantee.

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