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We help homeonwers to project manage their renovation projects by themselves.

SPMA is an online, pay monthly, project management consultancy firm and software. No retainer, no hourly pay fees, no percentage of your project cost. Self-PMA is the UK’s first online project management consultancy firm. Reliable, cheaper & more accessible.

Simplify your construction projects with our user-friendly app. Effortlessly manage extensions, loft conversions, renovations, basements, and new builds, supported by our expert team whenever you need guidance.

Our goal is to educate homeowners on how to manage their project. Educated clients will create a demand for better builders which will ultimately lead to a better industry.

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    Renovation Templates

    Renovate with Confidence

    Simplify Renovations with our Guides & Pre Designed Templates, Tailored for UK Homeowners! Includes:

    • A Step by Step Renovation Guide
    • Our All-in-One Ultimate Planner 
    • Schedule of Works Template