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Who are Herofix?

Fix your plumbing problem on a video call within the hour!

Jump on a quick 15 minute video call with a professional plumber for only £15. Skip the waiting and paying of expensive call out fees now!

We provide step-by-step guidance on how to fix plumbing problems yourself in your own home, run by experienced professionals. Perfect for homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts alike, calls cost from £15 for 15 minutes and we have over a 70% success rate in fixing the problem on the call. In any case we have been able to diagnose the problem.

We are experienced professionals ready to pass on our skills and knowledge to help people fix problems in their homes
We use video call to give step by step advice to homeowners, renters and landlords. Gone are the days of paying and expensive call out fee for an easy fix, often on somebody else's schedule

Why choose us?

You might be wondering why you would use us and not call out a plumber to your home, let’s help answer that for you…

  • Live guidance and support when you need it.
    Around 70% of plumbing problems can be solved within 15 minutes, typically by performing a very basic action. With the right guidance and support, anyone can be a hero.
  • Save time, money and be more eco-friendly.
    Plumbing companies can charge anywhere between £60 – £250 for one call-out, before they’ve even fixed the problem.

You only need to spend £15 with us, not only will you be saving money, you’re also contributing to a greener planet by avoiding an engineers journey in a van.


Click here to visit the Herofix website.

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Renovation Templates

Renovate with Confidence

Simplify Renovations with our Guides & Pre Designed Templates, Tailored for UK Homeowners! Includes:

  • A Step by Step Renovation Guide
  • Our All-in-One Ultimate Planner 
  • Schedule of Works Template