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Who are Fahren Taps?

Enjoy convenient instant boiling water, as well as your regular hot and cold mains, with our boiling water taps. Built with both quality and style in mind, all of our hot water taps come with our Fahren Guarantee. This gives you peace of mind that our taps will perform well, and add that finishing touch to your kitchen!

Why choose Fahren Taps?

  • Smart Tech

Fahren Taps prides itself in being a leader in the field of boiling water tap technology. Our goal is to provide you with products of exceptional quality that both look and perform to the highest of standards.

  • Aesthetics

We take design seriously, and have produced a range of taps that will suit a wide variety of kitchens and worktops – and are particularly suitable if you’re designing a minimalist, contemporary kitchen or have limited space in a smaller area.

  • Sustainability

It’s also our priority to offer products that are efficient and sustainable for the environment. We do this by cutting down on waste (both energy, water and plastics) as well as saving you money and time.

  • Hygiene & Safety

Our taps supply 98°c boiling water, and do so with safety in mind. All our taps are designed so the tap cannot be knocked and turned on unintentionally. We also minimise splashback thanks to a slightly lower pressure when delivering boiling water.

  • FahrenCare

    Our products are developed to meet the highest possible quality standards; we don’t stop there because our customer service strives for nothing less than a truly exceptional customer experience.

Unlike many of the other boiling water tap sellers in today’s market, we control all aspects of production from design and manufacturing, through to the sale of each product. As a result, you can rely on us for an overall better post-sale support package than most.

  • Going The Extra Mile

    Whether you have a question about our taps and their features, installation, warranty, health information or filter changes, the Fahren UK customer service team is here for you!

Fahren hot taps

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