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Brick Restoration – How To Add Value To Your Home

Brick Makeover

Brick restoration can be an extremely difficult task, especially if the process was not done at the right time.

If you’re trying to restore your brick after severe winter weather has damaged them, you’ll need to take some precautions before beginning the restoration process.

Steps you should follow when restoring your brickwork

During the winter months, you’ll see temperatures drop and the environment becomes even drier day by day.

These conditions can cause brick damage that can have a negative impact on your home. If you’re concerned about brick restoration, follow these simple steps to avoid any issues.

There are many brick restoration processes. There are numerous companies that offer the services of brick repair and brick restoration.

At Brick Makeover we have been helping customers get their homes ready for winter for over 20 years. We do this by restoring their bricks damaged due to severe weather conditions like freeze-thaw action, water damage, frost heaves. Other problems that can damage bricks are tree roots growing under your foundation or heavy weight is placed on the structure.

It’s one thing to fix cracks and chips in bricks around your home, but sometimes you have bigger problems: Cracked or missing bricks. Brick Makeover’s team of brick repair specialists can help you restore your entire wall in a day or two.

While we typically fix cracks and chips, we also offer full-wall restoration services that can revive any boring bricks around your home.

Brick Makeover

Bricks are the most common type of building material. They can be made from stone, clay, concrete and a range of other materials. Bricks are typically used to construct buildings and walls and they’re known for their durability.

But bricks can also become damaged due to harsh weather conditions. At Brick Makeover, we’ll show you how we restore bricks back to their original state after being damaged by freezing temperatures during winter months.

Once we’ve taken steps to restore your bricks, they are ready to be sealed with a moisture-resistant sealant.

Sealing your bricks can extend their life. For best results, always use an oil-based sealer on brick. (e.g., we recommend using a high-quality synthetic polymer tint as a final step to restore the colour and shine of your bricks).

As always, it’s important to let your professional brick-cleaning specialist perform these steps for you, which is why we recommend getting in touch with us!

Once you’ve gotten through the winter months, it’s recommended that you go through these steps in the springtime to restore your home!

Brick Makeover
Brick Makeover

What Brick Makeover offer some great custom bespoke tailored quotes to suit you and your needs. This means you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank for a fresh start.

Want to give the exterior of your home a full makeover? Take a look at Brick Makeover’s full range of brick repair and restoration services! We offer everything from brick tinting to brick cleaning and of course, restoration.

You can get 10% cashback on your next brick restoration job, when you use Brick Makeover through us! See their listing here.

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