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We're here to help you with your renovation. Whether you need inspiration, advice, professional or supplier, we're here to help you.

Who we are

Founded HomeInspire in 2019 by Dan Burge, a social media community for people to find inspiration for their home. After growing the page, Dan wanted to use this platform to help both individuals and business owners. Whether you are simply refurbishing your home, or building a new one, HomeInspire can help you find local businesses and recommend discounted suppliers for your renovation, and whilst supporting UK businesses.

Who we help

Whether you’re building an extension, renovating that spare bedroom or bringing some life back into the garden, we’re here to help save you money everytime you improve your home.

Business Owners

We offer a variety of marketing plans to promote and grow your business, through the power of social media and online advertising. Find out more about how we can help your business.

Home Renovation
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Renovation Templates

Renovate with Confidence

Simplify Renovations with our Guides & Pre Designed Templates, Tailored for UK Homeowners! Includes:

  • A Step by Step Renovation Guide
  • Our All-in-One Ultimate Planner¬†
  • Schedule of Works Template